Resistance Bands

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Take your workouts to the next level with SportKraft Resistance Bands. Bands are a great way to add endless variety to your training. They are extremely versatile, easy to pack and take on the go, and they can be used in countless ways.

Use them to add resistance to your squats, benches, deadlifts, pushups, etc. They are great in assisting in pullups, reverse band work and can be used in an endless number of mobility and stretching exercises and movements.

We offer the full range of options needed for all types of training and for all levels of athletes.

SportKraft Resistance Bands are made extremely high quality with the latex rubber lamented in layers, not made in a mold like most common latex models.

This greatly increases the durability and life of your bands, because if a small incision occurs on the surface your band will not snap, it will only slice through a few thin layers

They come color coded with 7 levels of resistance. Each band has a length of 41″ with varying widths based on thickness and tension.

Grab yours today. Step up your mobility and rehab game. And who doesn’t want to gain more explosive power and speed?!

Add explosive power to your lifts today!

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