If you are training for strength, conditioning or both SportKraft Weight Training Sandbags are a great choice to add functionality and versatility to your training.

Training with sandbags is not like conventional barbell and free weight work. This is because the sand is constantly shifting and moving taking away your ability to stabilize the weight and “get into the groove”.

The result?

You are then required to utilize and activate a variety of different stabilization muscles that wouldn’t always be used for basic lifts, especially when you are working high rep/volume sets.

Utilize the destabilization of the sandbags to attack multiple muscle groups at once giving you a full body workout in a shorter amount of time.

This results in a much more dynamic and challenging workout.

Sand bags are one of the most unconventional training tools out there that will help you to become more “functionally fit”. They are a great tool to make you stronger and more able to tackle daily life tasks such picking up your kids, putting a box onto a shelf, carry things around the yard, etc.

They are not limited to just making you move through daily life better. They can also improve your conditioning, enhance power, explosiveness and strength.

SportKraft Sandbags come in three sizes. Select yours depending on your strength level, size, goals and use. You can also get all three and use them for different exercises and adjust the weight as you get stronger and more skilled.

They are made with “military grade” 1050 cordura fabric and have reinforced seams for extreme durability. Each bag has 8 tough and reinforced handles placed in different locations to allow for different grip combinations and movements.

Cordura fabric inner bags are included with purchase and are equipped with heavy duty zippers and strong velcro fastening that prevents your inner filer from leaking out.

Sizes range from 25 – 75lb, 50 – 125lb and 125 – 200lbs.

Sand is not included.

Are you looking for more unconventional ways to get strong? Check out our line of SportKraft Grip Strength Equipment!

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