F8 Bench Barbell By SportKraft

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F8 Bench Barbell By SportKraft – The Strongest Most Aggressive Bench Barbell on the Market. 25kg with a 30mm shaft this is the end all be all of Xtreme bench barbells.

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F8 Bench Barbell By SportKraft

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The Collaboration you didn’t know you needed is here and its about to change the game in powerlifting.

We’ve teamed up with F8 Customs to create the most aggressive and strongest bench barbell on the market.

We’ve pulled out all the stops for this bench bar and it’s sure to deliver.

F8 Bench Barbell

Made with the same steel blend as our SportKraft 30KG Squat Barbell we’ve designed this bar to be the least whippy, most rigid bench barbell out there. Featuring a full 30mm shaft and extremely aggressive knurling this bar is ready for heavy weights. When we say heavy we mean it.

To further reduce whip we have designed the collars to be thinner than your average barbell on the market – measuring 1.18″ which means your plates sit closer together resulting in… you got it – less bend and less whip. Another advantage to the shorter collars is more loadable sleeve! F8 Bench Barbell by SportKraft has a loadable sleeve of 21″.

With a PSI of 230,000 this barbell has a huge capacity of 2,500lbs!

Look no further for your forever bench barbell and for the most heavy duty competition bench barbell out there.

Want the 30KG Squat Barbell to Match? Check it out the SportKraft Xtreme 30KG Squat Barbell Here! If you want it all – buy both and save with the SportKraft Xtreme Competition Barbell Package!

F8 Bench Barbell

F8 Bench Barbell By SportKraft – Specs:

  • Weight – 25Kg
  • Total Length – 96.5″
  • Length of Shaft – 52″
  • Loadable Sleeve – 21″
  • Diameter – 30mm
  • Extremely Aggressive Knurling
  • 230,000 PSI
  • Capacity – 2,500lbs


Jimmy Kolb with a SICK 1405lbs Stacked on the F8 Bench Barbell by  SportKraft!

F8 Bench Barbell - Kolb

3 reviews for F8 Bench Barbell By SportKraft

  1. Greg Powell

    Got to try the new F8 bench bar at the 2022 Arnold XPC Last Man Standing Bench off. I’ll start off and say the looks of the bar are extremely impressive, I mean bars were just bars prior to adding colors. The logos and gold colors set the bar off. The feel of the 30mm grip was right with the perfect knurling to support your grip. Of course it wasn’t until the bar was loaded that you felt the stability of the bar, even with over 800lbs I felt the stiffness of the bar with no whip. It was a great experience using the bar and also was able to get the Win in the middle weight class. If your going to put up big numbers this is the bar…………

  2. W. Lee

    With over 20 years in the sport this is the best bench bar I have ever used and I have used or owned a bunch. This is the bar that is needed to handle any weight with confidence.

  3. AJ Roberts (verified owner)

    Hands down the best bench bar I’ve ever used in my entire career. While other bars struggle to handle the heavy weights, every bench from 135 to 1000+ feels the same. If you’re looking to hit BIG PR’s then this is a must have for any serious lifter!

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