SportKraft Competition Powerlifting Combo Rack


SportKraft Competition Powerlifting Combo Rack is for heavy and training and competition use! Made with all international competition standards and no tools required!

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SportKraft Competition Powerlifting Combo Rack

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SportKrafts Competition Powerlifting Combo Rack Means Business.

Our Competition Combo rack is made seriously heavy duty – for competition as well as training.

A combination between a competition bench press bench and a squat rack, this combo rack was designed for heavy training, professional and competition use.

No detail was spared in the design when it comes to performance and quality.

This model is designed to be completely tool-less. That’s right, no tools are necessary for converting between bench press and squat rack and also for assembly. Fast and easy locking mechanisms make assembly and conversion easy, saving the headache of having tools on meet day and in the gym.

One of our favorite features about this rack is that it is made to accommodate lifters of all sizes and grip widths. With this special design, the uprights are mounted in a hinged fixed position at the bottom. This allows users to move the uprights inward to accommodate your widest grip squatters – even those who grip outside of the J-hooks.

The J-hooks feature high quality and smooth rollers so that the bar can be easily centered.

The wide footprint on the squat rack accommodates lifters with both narrow and wide stance and is made in accordance with all international competition (IPF) standards.

The jack system allows for fast and easy rack height adjustments, this eliminates the need to unload the bar between lifters. It is simple to raise and lower rack position with the lever arms and the laser cut numbers with 1/2″ spacing provide an easy reference for selecting your proper height.

As an added safety feature for the lifter as well as the spotter,  the spotter arms wrap around and securely into the uprights –  this leaves no void space between the safety arms and uprights in which the bar can fall through.

When performing heavy lifts stability is king.

The SportKraft Competion Powerlifting Combo Rack is made with a solid and stable steel structure. The telescoping tubes of the uprights and the safety arms are made out of stainless steel as well as the safety pins adding strength, durability, and longevity. The painted finish on the frame gives the combo rack a clean and attractive look in any setting.

SportKraft Competition Powerlifting Combo Rack – Specs :

  • Uprights with easy to change rack height with 1/2″ spacing
  • Uprights adjust in and out for wide grip squatters
  • No tools required
  • Spotter stands wrap onto uprights to prevent accidents
  • Stainless telescoping tubes on uprights and safety arms
  • Stainless steel safety pins
  • Uprights come with two sets of J hooks, one set for benching and one for squatting
  • J Hooks come with rollers so bar can be easily centered
  • Fully made with IPF Standards

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