SportKraft Crumb Bumper Plates


SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates are made with a New and Improved Smooth Grit Rubber Surface and Excellent Shock Absorption. Made Tough, Beautifully Color Coded and Easy to Identify This is Your Choice When it Comes to Bumper Plates!


SportKraft Crumb Bumper Plates

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SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Sets are made with a dense all natural rubber! Redesigned with a new and improved smooth surface these bumpers are ready for heavy training and use!

Equipped with a reinforced steel ring 50mm hole these plates fit all standard 2″ barbell sleeves.

Tested with over 20,000 drops SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates are made to last and to handle workouts where they are being dropped time and time again.

This is your choice for all weight lifting movements, CrossFit and training where plates are constantly dropped. If you are using movements like cleans, jerks, snatches, etc. these are your plates.

SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates have excellent shock absorption which protects your floor from damage during training. The soft material allows for a bounce in your plate and enables use on hard surfaces without breaking them. The Smooth Grit Rubber  plate bounces, flexes and lets be honest… They look cool as hell.

Crumb Bumper Plate Set

All SportKraft Bumper Plates have the official competition standard diameter of 17.7″.

The SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate is an excellent choice for all types of strength training and CrossFit training. They are great for workouts at home when you want to add that extra level of protection for your floors.

These grit rubber plates feature awesome looking colored flecks making the plates easy to identify and not to mention they look sick in your Instagram videos!

The SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Sets come in a 230lb or 340lb set

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SportKraft Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates – Specs :

  • Tested with over 20,000 drops!
  • New and Improved Smooth Rubber Surface!
  • 100% Natural Crumb Rubber
  • Official Competition Standard 17.7″ Plate Diameter
  • 50mm Diameter Reinforced Steel Center Hole
  • Fast and Easy Identification
  • Excellent Shock Absorption Protects your Floors
  • Attractive and Awesome Looking Color Flakes Pop In any Setting!
Weight Width Diameter
10lb 1.25 in 17.7 in
25lb 2.5 in 17.7 in
35lb 3 in 17.7 in
45lb 3.5 in 17.7 in
55lb 4 in 17.7 in

Crumb Bumper Plate Set

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10lb pair, 25lb pair, 35lb, 45lb, 55lb


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