Sportkraft HC PRO Squat Bar

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Sportkraft HC Pro Squat Bar is made with top quality engineering. No bend in this bar and it has been tested up to 1267lb in competition use.

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SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar

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SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar The World’s Best Squat Bar

Designed in Finland, home to some of the worlds strongest lifters, this bar is made from the best steel and with the best reputation around.

You may think our Squat Bar is the new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled. SportKraft has been using this bar for 10+ years in powerlifting in Europe and Australia and it has been used for some of the biggest squats in the world.

HC PRO has been used for countless 1100lb+ squats and up to 1540lb top weight in accommodating resistance.

We are proud to say that WPC Europe exclusively uses this barbell in their meets and it was recently used in WPC Worlds in Portugal 2021.

It is the most popular bar used in Pro competitions from Ireland and South Africa to Australia and Germany!

The SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar has been used in ProRAW Big Dogs and ProRaw Australia Powerlifting meets by Eric Lillebridge, Andrew Malanichev, Yuri Belkin, etc. 

In Finland SportKraft HC Pro has been tested by Jonas Rantanen with 1267lb and by Kalle Räsänen 1071lb squat in the 90kg class!

Now that we have all been introduced. Lets get down to the brass tacks.

Our HC PRO Squat Bar is 35mm thick. It is all black with extremely aggressive knurling that runs the FULL LENGTH OF THE SHAFT. Overall length is 92″ with 18″ sleeves with a loadable sleeve length of 16.5″. It features 5 rings including a center ring to line you up to where you need to be. Your sleeve diameter is a standard 55mm to fit all standard plates. Distance Between Sleeves: 56″.

Due to the plates being closer together, this is our strongest bar and it will bend the least.

The steel alloy which is our trade secret, makes it nearly unbendable. You would not believe the load truly weighs 880lb when it’s loaded on the SportKraft HC Pro Squat Bar,  its stability is unparalleled.

Does that cover it?

This heavy duty squat bar is finally available in the USA for competitive events, training facilities and home gym owners alike. 

Here you can see Andrey Malanichev squatting 1070lbs at Australia Big Dogs in 2016!


SportKraft HC Pro Squat Bar – Specs:

  • Extremely aggressive knurling 
  • All Black Cerakote Coating
  • Full Knurled Shaft
  • Features 5 Rings Including Center Ring
  • Knurling marks: 81cm, 39cm and center mark
  • Weight: 25kg without collars
  • Overall length: 92″
  • Sleeves: 18″
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 16.5″
  • Distance Between Sleeves: 56″
  • Shaft diameter: 35 mm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Tensile Strength 230,000 psi
  • Capacity 2,500lbs

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Weight 25 lbs

2 reviews for Sportkraft HC PRO Squat Bar

  1. Todd Schroeder (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a Mastadon, an IronWolf and a Texas Squat Bar (my least favorite just to long and flexible at 600 and up) in the past I’ve seen the Bulldogs that are still around and this bar the Sportkraft HC PRO Squat Bar is a fantastic bar that stepped right up in the absence of the others. This bar is substantial the shaft is thick thicker than the mastodon it’s shorter than the others but with narrower collars the loadable sleeve length is good to go. The knurling is grippy not as sharp as the IronWolf but better than the Mastadon. You can’t beat this price for a bar that isn’t going to bend and should last a very long time. I can’t speak highly enough about this bar, if you’re a powerlifter that is going big this is a must have.

  2. Rudy Rosales

    If you take powerlifting seriously then the SportKraft 25kg Squat Bar is an absolute must. Our team took this bar for a ride and you’ll find none better.

    With a 35mm bar diameter you can be confident there will be no bar whip or worry about deformation under heavy loads. Coupled with its aggressive knurling, top qaulity precision bronze bearings, and long sleeve ends, you have a recipe for success.

    When you devote your life to being the best you can be, there’s no substitute for having the best tools. Sqautting big is all about stability and that’s exactly what this bar delivers.

    The Sportkraft 25kg Squat Bar is the best squat bar you can have in your powerlifting arsenal bar none.

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