Sportkraft Light Band


SportKraft Light Bands are made durable by laminating hundreds of layers of rubber together! Long lasting and high quality!


SportKraft Light Band

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SportKraft Light Bands are made tough with the latex rubber lamented in layers, not made in a mold like most common latex models. This greatly increases the durability and life of your bands, because if a small incision occurs on the surface your band will not snap, it will only slice through a few thin layers.

Light Bands are excellent for adding to squats and deadlifts, bench pressing and accessory work. They are gentle enough for rehab movements and a great tool for strengthening small groups of muscles and tendons to keep you healthy for a long life of training.

They are extremely versatile and portable. Great resistance bands for at home, garage gyms, commercial gyms or easy to pack in your bag on the go or on vacation!

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SportKraft Light Bands – Specs :

    • Adds 56.8 – 124.9 lbs of tension
    • Material – natural latex rubber
    • Length 41″
    • Width 1.125 in
    • Thickness 4.5 mm
    • Continuous loop design
    • Color – Purple
    • A must have for dynamic and body work
    • Adds extreme variation to workouts
    • Maximizes your force in benchpress, squat, deadlift
    • A speed work essential

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Weight 0.3 lbs

1 Band, 2 Pack


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