SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar


SportKraft OLY weightlifting bar is the ultimate OLY bar. A capacity of 2425lbs, 10 needle bearings and medium knurling its your choice for best in class.

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SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar

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SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar, the competition model is the ultimate weightlifting bar. Designed for heavy use in both training and competition – able to withstand hard drops and constant abuse. An excellent choice for athletes preparing for competition, for competition use and for those who are looking for the very best possible piece of equipment for Olympic lifting. All dimensions and properties meet the requirements of the International Weightlifting Federation.

We went above and beyond to make this OLY bar stand out from the crowd. That is why we had it made with 10-needle bearings which provides excellent and smooth sleeve rotation. High quality bearings minimize friction and ensure fast and smooth rotation of your weights optimizing performance under heavy loads. This makes this bar a great choice for competitions and competitive lifters.

We selected the steel with weightlifting on the forefront of our minds. In doing so we were sure to make a bar that had enough flexibility for OLY movements while still being strong enough to be dropped time and time again. Despite its resilience this bar will always return to its original form after lifts and drops.

For the SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar we have selected a medium knurling so you can still safely perform squats without the fear of the bar not gripping your back. We recognize the importance of having the right knurling when performing different types of lifting so we paid special attention to the needs of Olympic lifters. For this bar the knurling is deep and firm but not as aggressive as our Powerlifting Bar Line. Our goal was a knurling that was balanced between a strong grip on the bar and also appropriate for competitive use.

SportKraft OLY has a staggering capacity of 2425lbs and and insane 220,000 PSI tensile strength! Covered end to end with a hard chrome coating ensures a durable finish.

Stand out from the crowd with SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar. The Ultimate Bar for OLY Lifting. 

SportKraft OLY Weightlifting Bar – Specs:

  • Weight 45lbs
  • Grip Diameter  28mm (1.1in)
  • Sleeve Diameter 50mm (1.97in)
  • Length 86.61 in
  • Hard Chrome
  • 220,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • 10 needle bearings
  • Capacity 1100kg (2425lbs)
  • IWF required markings

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Weight 45 lbs


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