SportKraft Strong Powerlifting Barbell


SportKraft Strong Power Barbell is designed for everyday gym goers to those looking to handle some serious weight! It can handle maximal loads while still being user friendly. This barbell does it all – combining innovative and luxury level qualities at an affordable price.

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SportKraft Strong Powerlifitng Barbell

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The Strong Powerlifting Barbell is our basic model in the SportKraft powerlifting line. Don’t let the word basic fool you. Our Strong Powerlifting Barbell is designed to be the top choice for home gyms and strength training orientated facilities, combining luxury level qualities at an affordable price.

SportKraft Strong Powerlifting Barbell is versatile and made for all purposes of training. Complete with the qualities and standards of a top of the line powerlifting barbell. Strong sets the bar (pun intended) for the whole SportKraft powerlifting line verifying that even the most basic of our powerlifting bars match big brand competition and can be used for super heavy training with any load.

Under maximal loads Strong has a bit more give than our competition models as preferred for general training compared to our Hardcore and Xtreme Powerlifting Barbells. 

Durability, tensile strength and high-quality finish remains equal to any top brand powerlifting bar. 

Strong Power Bar

SportKraft powerlifting barbells have been tested in competition and training alike, including 400kg+ (880lb+) bench presses, deadlifts and squats. Strong has a load capacity of 1,800lbs, making it safe and fit to use at any level of training.

 When it comes to SportKraft products – the lifting experience is always at the forefront of the design process from beginning to end. From the grippy knurling to the way the plates sit closer together for a more stable load in your hands or on your back – you’ve got to try it to experience the difference!

For the shaft we have selected a Cerakote coating and for the sleeves a hard chrome. Ceramic coating lasts longer than blackening or even zinc, giving the bar’s shaft the best possible defense against corrosion, wear and rust while the chrome coating protects the sleeves. Together the chrome sleeves with the black shaft give the bar a sleek and professional look.

The steel alloy used for the manufacturing of the bar give it the best possible qualities for powerlifting and general training. The tensile strength is whopping 210k PSI and load capacity of 1,800lbs! This means that the bar can bear any weight loaded and will not give as much as standard gym bars.

The shorter collars give Strong a full 17″ of loadable sleeve! It also means the plates sit closer together. The combination of the full 29mm shaft and the plates sitting closer together results in a more stable load on the bar and … you got it – less bend!

Strong Power Bar

For personal use or to add to the selection of a strength training facility, this is the correct choice. A fantastic investment for a gym that wants safe products that last the test of time and aggressive use.

All SportKraft powerlifting barbells are complete with powerlifting knurl marks and a grippy center knurling. The bars comply with IPF standards, complete with 810mm knurl marks. Our powerlifting bars are meant for heavy and frequent competition and training use. Strong bar is the bar of choice for world class level quality at a reasonable price.

strong barbell specifications

Strong Powerlifting Barbell  – Specs:

  • Weight: 20kg (45lbs)
  • Length: 86.6″
  • Loadable Sleeve – 17″
  • Narrow Collars for More Loadable Sleeve
  • Plates sit closer together for a more stable load
  • Diameter: 29mm
  • Tensile strength: 210,000 PSI
  • Load capacity: 1,800lbs
  • Knurl marks: 810mm apart  – Powerlifting Standard
  • Deep knurling, center knurled
  • Sleek Black Cerakote Coating
  • Self-lubricating bronze bushing

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Weight 45 lbs


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