SportKraft Womens Crossfit Bar, 15kg


High-quality, attractive finish and extremely durable 15kg bar for functional training especially for women and younger lifters.

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SportKraft Womens Crossfit Bar, 15kg

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Our SportKraft Women’s Crossfit bar bar has been a long time in development. No hardship has been spared in creating the ultimate bar for all around weight training. Powerlifts, weightlifting movements, functional exercises and all traditional lifting can be done with this one bar. The SportKraft Crossfit Bar is a great choice for versatile gyms and home gyms offering quality equipment for every type of training.

The Women’s model is thinner in diameter and lighter in weight. Diameter of 25mm and weight of 15kg are the official measurements for weightlifting competitions, making it a great choice for female and junior lifters. 

In this line, SportKraft has taken a pre-existing product and has worked to make it even better. The SportKraft Women’s Crossfit Bar features center-knurling and weightlifting knurl marks. We have replaced the usual bushing system and have equipped this bar with eight needle bearings. This ensures smooth sleeve rotation and extreme durability

Steel alloy provides a combination of the flexibility of a weightlifting bar and rigidity and weight bearing qualities of a powerlifting bar. This allows the bar to be dropped time and time again during weightlifting and Crossfit-training, while still being rigid enough for heavy squats and presses.

With the choice of steel and the right finishing touches we have created and affordable bar with the tensile strength of 210k PSI that can be loaded up to 550kg (1215lb)! When we said it can handle heavy squats and presses, we meant it. The capacity rivals full size power- and weightlifting training bars! 

Finished with a durable and flashy hard chrome coating, this is without a doubt one of the most useful bars for any facility! 

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SportKraft Womens Crossfit Bar – Specs:

  • Complies with IWF-standards
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Length: 201cm
  • Diameter: 25 mm
  • Tensile strength: 210.000 PSI
  • Load capacity: 550kg
  • Multi-purpose bar
  • Center Knurling
  • Coating: Hard Chrome
  • 8 needle bears
  • Knurl markings: 910 mm

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