SportKraft XTREME 30KG Squat Bar

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SportKraft XTREME 30KG Squat Bar is the most aggressive Squat Bar in Powerlifting. Extremely heavy duty and can handle any load. There are no substitutions.

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SportKraft XTREME 30KG Squat Bar

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The Strongest Most Aggressive Squat Bar in Powerlifting




The 30KG Bar that Powerlifters have been waiting for. 

SportKraft USA has rolled out our 30KG Squat Bar and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!


We have based our SportKraft 30KG XTREME Squat Bar off of our tried and true SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar 25KG. 

You may think our Squat Bar is the new kid on the block, but don’t be fooled. SportKraft has been using the SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar  bar for 10+ years in powerlifting in Europe and Australia and it has been used for some of the biggest squats in the world. Our 55lb model has been rigorously competition tested and has been used for for countless 1100lb+ squats and up to 1540lb top weight in accommodating resistance.

WPC Europe exclusively uses this barbell in their meets and it was recently used in WPC Worlds in Portugal 2021.

It is the most popular bar used in Pro competitions from Ireland and South Africa to Australia and Germany!

The SportKraft HC PRO Squat Bar has been used in ProRAW Big Dogs and ProRaw Australia Powerlifting meets by Eric Lillebridge, Andrew Malanichev, Yuri Belkin, etc. 

In Finland SportKraft HC Pro has been tested by Jonas Rantanen with 1267lb and by Kalle Räsänen 1071lb squat in the 90kg class!

Now we are excited to introduce the 30KG Version as our SportKraft Xtreme 30KG Squat Bar!

Lets get acquainted….

Our XTREME Squat Bar is 35mm thick. With the sleek all black design this squat bar is made with extremely aggressive knurling that runs the FULL LENGTH OF THE SHAFT. Overall length is 103″ with 22.25″ sleeves with a loadable sleeve length of 20.5″. It features 5 rings including a center ring to line you up to where you need to be. Your sleeve diameter is a standard 55mm to fit all standard plates. Length between sleeves is 57.5″ which is 1.5″ more than our 55lb model.

The steel alloy is our trade secret, and we are confident to say that our squat bars have the least bend of any on the market. The stability of our squat bars is unparalleled. 

The Collars on are narrower which results in the plates being closer together giving you a more stable load on your back.

One feature that we think folks will love is the extra space on the sleeve for loading plates. Our 30kg bar brags the most loadable sleeve length on the market with a whole 20.5″ of loadable sleeve!

Want to squat big but don’t have calibrated plates? No Problem.

30Kg Squat Barbell


Does that cover it? 

Check out Our HC PRO 25KG Squat Bar here and you can see Andrey Malanichev squatting 1070lbs at Australia Big Dogs in 2016!

SportKraft XTREME 30KG Squat Bar – Specifications: 

  • Weight 30KG (66LBS)
  • Length 103″
  • Diameter 35mm
  • Sleeve Length
  • Loadable Sleeve Length – 20.5″ – MOST LOADABLE SLEEVE ON THE MARKET!
  • Distance Between Sleeves – 57.5″
  • Full Knurled Shaft
  • Extremely Aggressive Knurling
  • All Black Cerakote Coating
  • 5 Rings including Center Ring
  • 230,000 PSI
  • Special Blend Steel for the Least Whip Possible
  • Bronze Bushing


Want the 25KG Bench Barbell to Match? Check it out the F8 Bench Barbell by SportKraft Here! If you want it all – buy both and save with the SportKraft Xtreme Competition Barbell Package!


30KG Squat Barbell

5 reviews for SportKraft XTREME 30KG Squat Bar

  1. Stephen Slater

    I’ve used nearly every squat bar on the market, and this is by far the best one yet.

    My experience has had me come into contact with every company out there that has ever made a squat bar, wether it’s 25 or 30 kg.

    When it comes to a 30kg squat bar, I believe you won’t find one better. The knurling is perfectly aggressive but won’t tear your skin off, the bend is minimal even up over 1,000lbs, there’s no whip, and the sleeves have enough room to fit 10+ deep dish 45’s per side. If it’s the first bar you buy for heavy squats, it’ll be the last one you need.

  2. Dave Hoff

    This new squat barbell is the strongest on the market. Knurling stretches the entire bar and hardly bends with 1200lbs on it. This special barbell is the way to go. This is my go to bar for big weights.

  3. Anthony Hobaica

    Couldn’t be happier with @sportskraft ! I own several of their bars: 25kg training squat bar, the 20kg Xtreme power bar, and their original dead bar… all of which have been too notch. Just ordered the 30kg squat bar after trying the prototype. Virtually no whip with several 1000lb squatters in our training session: this is simply the new standard for squat bars!

  4. Mike Esposito

    Over the years I’ve squatted with just about every different squat bar. Between the Bulldog, Mastodon, etc. This is by far the superior choice.

    The knurling is the perfect amount of aggressive & reaches the entire bar. The bar is longer overall (accommodating more plates), perfectly balanced, & virtually no whip.

    This bar is second to none & a must in the collection of any serious lifter.

  5. Anthony Oliveira

    This bar is second to none. Looks sleek, has aggressive knurling that stretches the entire bar and is so stiff that there is virtually no whip or bend with 1000…1100… and beyond. A must have for any powerlifting gym.

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